Reference and Instructional Materials

These are some materials I put together to help me in my work.

Jeweler’s Saw Sizes Table showing information about the different sizes of jeweler’s saws, including, kerf, tooth spacing, pilot drill sizes, and the number of teeth captured within the thickness of different gauge metals. The latter is color coded to show which saw blades are most appropriate to use for which gauge metals.
Wire and Drill Sizes Table of wire and sheet AWG sizes along with English fractional, numbered, letter, and metric drill sizes in both decimal inches and millimeters
Using an Arbor Press to Stamp Metal This note shows how I use an arbor press to hold a stamp precisely in position to stamp metal


External Links

American Association of Woodturners Organization offering a bimonthly magazine devoted to woodturning and an annual 3-day symposium with internationally recognized artists.
Terry Tynan
Metal Spinning Workshop
Terry Tynan is a master metal spinner and has produced an excellent set of instructional DVDs. If you want to learn metal spinning and don’t have someone to teach you, his DVDs are essential.
Earl Powell Industrial Arts Blog As stated on his website, Earl Powell is promoting metal spinning as a popular hobby and a professional art form. He teaches metal spinning, has an active Metal Spinning Workshops Facebook page, and sells metal spinning tools and supplies from New Product Supply